Automobile Safety

Electronic speed limiter/Governor

Convertz has more than 380 approvals for different models of Ashok Leyland, TATA, Eicher, Swaraj Mazda, Force and General Motors from ARAI, Pune. Motor eye is fitted over 50000 vehicles in states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, and rest of India. The speed limiters/governors have also been exported to overseas countries like Mauritius and African countries. Speed limiters have also been fitted in defence vehicles in Hyderabad and Coca cola beverages for their entire fleet in Andhra Pradesh.

Products in the category:

  • EFRT (Electronic Fuel Regulator)
  • ERA (Electronic Rotary Actuator)
  • PI (Pedal Interface)
Solar PV modules

EFRT (Electronic Fuel Regulator)

Electronic Fuel Regulator Version (suitable for BS-I to BS-III of diesel vehicles). It works on Fuel controlling mechanism with a solenoid valve. This device is installed between the Fuel Filter and FIP.

Solar PV modules

ERA (Electronic Rotary Actuator)

(Suitable for BS-II to BS-III of petrol, diesel and LPG/CNG vehicles)

This product is developed to suit for BS-II, BS-III vehicles, which runs on alternative fuels like LPG, CNG where accelerate cable is restricted to a set speed even the additional force applied by the driver to accelerate the vehicle. The SLD have an opposite force of the motor which remains the speed for the set speed.

Solar PV modules

PI (Pedal Interface)

(Suitable for BS-IV engine management ECU of petrol, diesel and LPG/CNG vehicles.)

Designed for the vehicles which comes with ECU of makes like Bosch, Delphi, AFS for this our PI device works as an interface between the pedal and ECU and controls the vehicle speed as per the set speed.