GPS Solutions

Vehicle tracking systems

"TRANO"GPS / Vehicle tracking systems:

The Product has been endogenously developed as per Automotive Industry Standard AIS-004andDIMTS (Delhi integrated Multi modal transit system limited) specifications. This GPS/VTS (vehicle tracking system) is designed with Quad band GSM / GPRS Module, equipped with GPS receiver to provide accurate navigation data, this can be remotely configured (OTA Configuration). The product helps in effective management of fleet services, commercial and educational institutions transport system.

School bus Student alert Service (SAS)

Containe tracks and monitors children during their trip to and fro on school busses with RFID integrated GPS tracker "Trano". The system is designed to monitor children in a safe and non-intrusive way which makes use of RFID, GPS (Global Positioning System), and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technologies with efficient tracking capabilities, low cost, and easy maintenance.

The system will enable parents to receive instant SMS alerts when bus is within the designated pick up and drop off points for safety of child. The system will also notify parents via SMS when the child boards the bus or leaves. If a child is still inside the bus for a predefined time after the vehicle's engine is turned off, and doors are closed, an SMS message will be sent to the school authorities.

In addition, the system will include a Web-Based Reporting that makes it fast and easy to access accurate information, a student report, which provides time and date for all boarding activities by student and bus report that provides all students data by bus. In summary, the system will enable school authorities, fleet owners and parents to keep track of the bus online.

Recently In order to strengthen the security system and ensure safety for children, Central Board Of Education (CBSE) has made it compulsory for school buses to have the Global Positioning System (GPS i.e. VTS) installed in them, which will track the location of the bus, and the product has to be approved by ARAI. There are about 10000+ CBSE schools are there across pan India with a minimum of 10 vehicles in each school.