Solar PV Modules

Esenteco solar manufactures solar PV modules range from 3Wp to 300Wp & 6V to 36V and undertakes Roof top solutions, Megawatt scale projects, Solar pump sets, Street lighting systems, solar lanterns and Energy efficient solutions. The facility is dust free and air conditioned with uninterrupted power supply for timely deliveries. Esenteco QMS certified by TUV rheinland.Read More

Automobile Safety

Our group company Convertz technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Manufactures automobile speed limiters in the brand "Convertz Motoreye". There are 3 models in this category:
1.EFRT (Electronic Fuel Regulator)Electronic Fuel Regulator Version (suitable for BS-I to BS-III of diesel vehicles). It works on Fuel controlling mechanism with a solenoid valve. This device is installed between the Fuel Filter and FIP.
2.ERA (Electronic Rotary Actuator) Suitable for BS-II & BS-III of petrol, diesel and LPG/CNG vehicles. It controls the accelerate cable and restricted to a set speed.
3.PI (Pedal Interface)Suitable for BS-IV vehicles with ECU, of petrol, diesel and LPG/CNG vehicles.
4.Designed for the vehicles which comes with Engine management ECU of makes like Bosch, Delphi, AFS for this our PI device works as an interface between the pedal and ECU and controls the vehicle speed as per the set speed.. Read More

Power Electronics

Our Research in electronics and electrical engineering deals in design, control, computation and integration of nonlinear time varying energy processing electronic systems with fast dynamics. We have identified the most important areas in domestic segment, where people are looking for cost effective, reliable, user-friendly, and easy to install solutions in power electronics.The company has developed.
1. Solar Charge controllers "SolarSpring" and "Solar String" which is Micro controller based on, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Track) Algorithm.
2. Solar Hybrid Pure Sine wave Inverters range "SolarStock" which is a two-step, High frequency IGBT based Sine-wave Inverter.
3. Solar Grid Inverter "SolarReserve" Designed for modular micro grid method for DC - AC which reduces the power conversion loss and regulates the power outage.
4. Solar DC power packs "Solar Serve" comes as standard kits of 25W & 50W with 12 hrs of power backup for small home and small work place. SolarServeDC power pack can run power loads from domestic appliances like LED, DC Fans, and Mobile Charging etc.These units have been designed for simple and faster installation with maintenance free operation.Read More

GPS Solutions

GPS solutions offer a broad range of vehicle location system with customization. For multifaceted fleet management we created the "TRANO" vehicle tracking system, designed as per Automotive standards AIS-004 and DIMTS (Delhi integrated Multi modal transit system limited) specifications and approved by ARAI-Pune (Approval No: ARAI/AED/DT/OC-1415-1106/176). This GPS/VTS (vehicle tracking system) is designed with Quad band GSM / GPRS Module, equipped with GPS receiver to provide accurate navigation data, this can be remotely configured (OTA Configuration). The product helps in effective management of fleet services, commercial and educational institutions transport system which meets all requirements for vehicle management and allows configuration of compound alerts as well as generating customized reports with precision, dependability, steadiness and sophistication.Read More